Thursday, December 31, 2009

The Paws that Refreshes

OK, grammatically-incorrect, but I can't resist the occasional (frequent) bad pun. Anyway, so it turns out that Raja is not quite the hurdling champion that he thought he was after he took out that log at warp factor nine yesterday. He seemed fine after the doggie playdate until yesterday evening, when he limped to his food dish and was not remotely interested in a walk. So, it was time to go see the vet again.

After the usual listening and probing and examining (plus much nuzzling of the vet tech--lucky dog--and the veterinarian), he's OK, nothing broken, but it's sprained, so the USS Raja is currently in dry-dock for the next week or so until his left-front nacelle comes back online. Plus he gets mild pain-killers to help with the discomfort.

Hold on a sec. Raj is saying something about all the pink rabbits in the living room ...

OK, we're back.

And by the way, the last Star Trek movie? AUGH! We had the Particle of the Week (PoTW, in the Trek Parlance), Kirk+Orion female pr0n (of a sort), Spock+Uhuru pr0n (of a sort), the Complete Misrepresentation of Astrophyics (one does not emerge intact from the "other side" of a black hole), and the science fiction alternative to "it was all just a dream" cliche: the Parallel Universe. And a death ray. And a sub-orbital drop onto a moving platform on said death ray.

Awful. Just awful. Please please please let that be the last one. Just my two cents.